Black chick concept & design Black chick incubators manufacturing since 1979 for used in our black chicken and pheasant breeding farm in Thailand. more then 20 year we are selling all of our products to breeding farm for chickens,ducks,geese,pheasants,quails,partridges,ostriches,emus,parrots,birds,crocodiles,and peptile. our products are designed from our farming experienced for small and medium size of incubator and brooder.They are fullness with modern technology system and by back up and safty thermostat.
     The new eggs turning system can be automatically or manually fitted with digital controllers that are adjustable and allow you to count down from last turn to the next. All of spare part can be more offer all the time with our help and experience in installation and to improve you farm.
     Please take a look to our products and choosing the best one that you need for you farm.
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